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Full Sail student broadcasters join athletics

The Rollins College Athletics Department has started using broadcasting students from Full Sail University’s Dan Patrick School of Broadcasting to cover Rollins sports events.

“This opportunity came up to raise our profile to the next level… their equipment, manpower and other resources are something we couldn’t dream of matching,” said Nate Weyant, assistant athletic director for strategic communication.

The Athletics Department’s decision, which was made over the summer, came as a surprise to many students, coaches, and current broadcasters.

Although the Rollins sportscasters will still be around for other roles in reporting athletics, many will miss their old broadcasting role.

Victor Anderson, longtime sportscaster for the volleyball and softball teams, said, “I was on call a couple of weeks ago when they informed me of the change… It genuinely felt that all of the preparation done for the upcoming year just got flushed down the drain.”

However, Anderson said that he ultimately respects Rollins’ decision.

“That’s how the industry works; the old lion trains the young lions,” he said.

“I came in to Rollins as a broadcasting student from the Connecticut School of Broadcasting. It’s life coming full circle so to speak.”

Anderson is also looking forward to the benefits that the Full Sail partnership will bring.

“We’re not being let go or fired, we’re just being assigned different roles. This partnership with Full Sail and Rollins will serve as a benefit to all main parties involved. The association with Gus Ramsey, Dan Patrick, and others only will be a plus for those students in the program,” he said.

Weyant confirmed that former broadcasters will still play a role in Rollins sports.

“Everyone who has broadcasted with us in the past will still be contributing through still doing games when needed, working the WPRK studio during basketball games and other video projects within the athletic department,” he said.

It will take time for the coaches and students to adapt to the new decision, since the players and sportscasters have bonded over the years.

“Having Victor as one of our broadcasters was one of the coolest things about playing,” said softball player Amanda Guglietta (‘20).

“He would spend time with us on the field before the games and get some of the tension out of us by making us laugh a little,” Guglietta said.

Sports broadcasters play an important role in the overall spirit of the teams and games. Therefore, Rollins is keen on making sure that the partnership reaps benefits for the players and viewers.

Full Sail students are also eager to benefit from the opportunity.

“Our program director Gus Ramsey is an alumnus from Rollins and he has worked tirelessly to get us this opportunity. I think it’s a very big opportunity for all of us to get some experience as play-by-play men and commentators,” said Chris Burns, one of the new Full Sail student broadcasters.

Players also recognize the value of the partnership. “I can see the value in partnering with a college nearby like Full Sail to give jobs,” said softball player Erin Crawford (‘20). “By creating this working bond, more doors are opened to Rollins students.”

This is not the first time Rollins College and Full Sail University have collaborated with each other.

A 2017 partnership has allowed the music departments at Rollins and Full Sail to assist each other in their goals.

Rollins provided the talent of their music performance students to Full Sail while Full Sail lended their music production students to Rollins. Full Sail has also opened their music production facilities to Rollins.

Time will tell how this new partnership between the two colleges will favor their athletes, broadcasters, and fans. Tune into their broadcasts ar to find out.

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