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Local Pizzeria Possible Replacement for Domino’s

You’ve heard the rumors. You’ve voted. Your voice has been heard. Although nothing is set in stone, Steven Vu and Becky Nguyen’s locally owned Park Avenue Pizza is on its way to being the new pizza vendor for Rollins College.

The push for this change originally came about when a poll was taken that showed 86 percent of students voted for Park Ave. Pizza against national chains. “I’ve been waiting for this moment for nine years!” says Nguyen of Park Ave Pizza.

Nguyen is not alone in her excitement for this potential pizza switch. Brock Newell ‘14 ecstatically said, “I am obsessed with their buffalo chicken pizza!” This is an exciting time for the local business and many of the pizza lovers at Rollins. However, there are many questions that are associated with this change.

One of the major concerns is if this small business will be able to serve all 1,700 hungry undergrads at all odd hours of the night. In addition to this, Park Ave. Pizza only has three ovens, which makes it difficult to make large quantities of pizza at a rapid pace.

Beer and wine are served at the establishment, but at this point it is also unknown if the alcohol will be available on our meal plan. Finally, students are wondering if the late night selection of food will diminish, or if all the menu options will still be available. What we do know is that electric carts are being considered to aid in a speedier delivery system.

Also, there is talk of being able to charge R-cards on location and while there is going to be a surcharge, it will be much less than what students have been paying for Domino’s.

These questions will all be answered April 26 at the dining services meeting, where owners Nguyen and Vu will be in attendance.

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