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Political clubs reveal their endorsements

Graphic by Anastasia Rooke

Rollins Democrats Endorsements: 

Florida House District 47: Anna Eskamani 

Since the 2016 election, we have seen the shocking rise of voter registration rates across our nation. In June of 2017, I had the honor of attending City Hall, where Anna Eskamani announced her candidacy for Florida House District 47. After introducing myself to her, we quickly related on the fact that we are both Iranian-American females who are passionate about politics and fighting for social justice. It was in that moment I knew I would be working for Anna Eskamani first as an intern, and later, as a member of her staff. 

From the moment I started being active in politics, I looked up to great leaders such as John McCain, who advocated for bipartisanship, and Barack Obama, who urged for political integrity. Hitherto, I have yet to see a candidate go into office to embody the principles of social justice, integrity, and empathy as Eskamani has. In the 2018 midterm elections, I am voting for Eskamani because I have full faith in her ability to increase the quality of Florida’s higher education, environmental sustainability, access to healthcare, and economic prosperity. In the age of political polarization, I trust Eskamani to bridge the gap between differing perspectives and foster an era of solution-oriented dialogue. 

—Sunny Toreihi, member of Rollins Democrats

Governor: Andrew Gillum

Andrew Gillum is arguably the most exciting candidate on the ballot that Florida has seen for a few elections. Gillum, current Mayor of Tallahassee, ran what was seen as an impossible campaign during the Democratic primary in Florida, yet still won. I support Gillum for governor because he has a proven record as mayor to lead. Moreover, he is running a progressive, entirely grassroots campaign. He supports healthcare as a right, environmental action, social equality, and a $1 billion investment in education. His agenda is one that can propel our state into a prosperous place for all. I am voting for Gillum because he understands our lived experiences. He isn’t from a wealthy political family and he isn’t a millionaire—he has gained experience through his service. I cannot wait to see someone with true drive and passion in Tallahassee as our next governor.

Brandon Garcia, Community Outreach Chair of Rollins Democrats 

Senate: Bill Nelson

Senator Bill Nelson stands for true democratic values. His voting record supports environmentally sustainable policy, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, and expanded healthcare access. He has passionately advocated for increased funding for public schools and STEM programs. I believe that Nelson’s strong support of renewable energy and his record of filed legislation that provided assistance to communities affected by climate change proves an important concern for his constituents. Since the tragic 2016 shooting at Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub, Senator Nelson has led the charge against gun violence by supporting legislation to ban military-style assault weapons and worked with Florida Representative Stephanie Murphy, among others, to lift the decades-long ban on the Center for Disease Control’s gun violence research. Senator Bill Nelson has an impressive record and has my vote on Nov. 6.

—Mira Lines, Vice President of 

Rollins Democrats

House of Representatives District 7: Stephanie Murphy

I will be re-electing Stephanie Murphy for Congress because her vision for America truly inspires me. Murphy has already served as a congresswoman for one term after winning a very challenging election. She has proven herself in office after being voted the most effective congressperson in her ‘freshman class’ on the hill due to her bipartisan efforts. Since then, she has represented American ideals such as diversity, bipartisanship, and education as tools of empowerment, and views the expansion of human rights as a means towards justice. Murphy sees her position as civil service to her constituents and to a country that welcomed her and her family when they were refugees from Vietnam. 

Murphy, previously a Rollins business professor, has advocated for growth in jobs and the economy through helping small businesses and infrastructure, supporting fairer taxes, and ensuring equality within the workplace. Murphy is a mother, a student, a Winter Park resident, a woman of color, and an exceptional congresswoman that has and will continue to represent you, me, and every other American interested in policy that is both effective and progressive in moving our country forward.

—Meghan Oxford, President of Rollins Democrats

Rollins Republican Club 


By Victoria Scott, President of Rollins Republicans 

Florida House District 47: Stockton Reeves

I am supporting Stockton Reeves for Florida House District 47 because he understands that an economy functions better with lower taxes. As someone who understands how a business operates, he will apply his keen skills in Congress. He will also do a nice job with healthcare and public safety.

Governor: Ron DeSantis

I am supporting Representative Ron DeSantis for Governor because he will continue all of the policies that Governor Rick Scott has instilled in Florida in regards to economic growth and limited government. Some of these revolve around instilling new businesses in Florida and helping the housing market grow. He will also work hard to keep the corporate tax rate at a minimal level and create jobs for individuals who do not have a college degree. Representative DeSantis also served in the military, so he has a deep respect for all of our military branches.

Senate: Rick Scott

I am supporting Governor Rick Scott for Senate because he has substantially improved the overall state of Florida over the course of eight years. Since 2010, the unemployment rate in Florida decreased from approxmately 11 percent to 3.8 percent. Because of this, over a million jobs were created under Scott’s watchful eye. When Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Michael hit Florida, Scott was in the devastated areas making sure his constituents received proper care and supplies. He is the epitome of the American Dream and he also served in the military. As someone who worked in the healthcare industry, he understands how benefits and premiums work and function effectively. Lastly, Scott would champion immigration policies and does not support family separation at the border. 

House of Representatives District 7: Mike Miller

I am supporting Mike Miller for House of Representatives in District 7 because he understands how the free market operates. He knows that lowering taxes promotes economic growth and prosperity. He shows a concerted interest for his constituents and works incredibly hard. I know he would do an amazing job in Congress.

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