Many students and staff members alike come from regions in the world where hurricanes are rarely mentioned, much less a real threat to their safety and well-being. However, living in the central Florida area, this is [...]

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Coming to England has made us realize that we are pretty awful photographers. On our first few trips, we took photos only of the beautiful scenery and buildings. That’s great—but you wouldn’t even know we’ve [...]

The Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS) program will be celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month with a week full of fun events and festivities to raise awareness of Latin American culture and to highlight the region’s [...]


Newtown Newtown was an extremely emotional film that left viewers in tears, with a rawness in their hearts for a tragedy that occurred more than three and a half years ago. It was a remarkable [...]

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Last Wednesday was a TAR-riffic day, some may say. However, in all, the turnout at the tailgate was a little disappointing, in my opinion as one who has a great spirit for sports. If you [...]


Inspiration for films can come in many forms. For Robert Gordon, a pirated DVD copy of old debates did the trick. Gordon (55), a writer and filmmaker, was instantly captivated as he watched footage of [...]