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Leicester, England British Mars lander Beagle2 was discovered on the surface of Mars nearly 12 years after losing contact with it. The robot was successfully launched in 2003 and was supposed to land on the [...]

where in the world 12-4

Where in the world

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It was 46 degrees the night he left. And while many of you are returning from winter vacations in locations with temperatures far lower than that, 46 degrees is enough to freeze a native Floridian [...]

Rollins College Mascot Tommy Tar travels to visit campus.  Photos: Scott Cook
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Writing Books for Children, taught by Dr. Forsythe, is one of the few intersession classes focused solely on creative writing. Though compressed into a week, each student in the class produced a working draft of [...]

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During Winter Break, jam-rock legends Phish hosted a four-night New Year bonanza in Miami (December 31 through January 3). I was lucky enough to attend all four shows and can, without a doubt, say that [...]



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Last Sunday, the Rollins Women’s Soccer team became back-to-back champions in the Sunshine State Conference. With a dominant 6-0 win over Tampa, the championship is the third title in the program’s history. ​The 2014 SSC [...]